Who we are and what we do.

The Guernsey Alcohol Advisory Service (G.A.A.S.) is a voluntary charity administered by an Executive Committee drawn from Council membership. This meets monthly to decide policy and approve expenditure. The paid staff consists of a Director, Admin/support Worker, Criminal Justice Alcohol Worker together with Sessional Counsellors.

The agency is funded from several sources - We are contracted by the States of Guernsey to provide an alcohol service within the Bailiwick- all other expenditure is met from rental income from Brockside or by fundraising/donations.

The services provided by GAAS at present consist of:-

Individual counselling
Couple Counselling
Family support and counselling
Dry House Facilities
Weekly Group Support Meeting
Aftercare Support for returning patients of UK Treatment Centres.
Input and involvement in community events.
Training with schools, youth groups, and professionals who may encounter people with alcohol/substance problems in the course
of their work.

All counselling/group services are provided free of charge.

GAAS owns two adjoining houses, one of which is run as a Dry House with 5 beds for residents coming to terms with their drinking/substance use.

Our client base is extremely varied reflecting all the strata of our society. At the top end we work with professionals who still have all the trappings of success but are afraid they will lose them unless they moderate their behaviour, this contrasts with the bottom range where we work with people who have lost everything and are seen by some as unemployable because of their behaviour. Throughout the range people can, and do, rebuild their lives successfully.


Patron Vacant

President Sir Richard Collas Bailiff of Guernsey

Vice President Vacant


Advocate Edward Prentice Royal Court of Guernsey

Dr Margaret Costen

Honorary Treasurer
Mr Barry Le Pelley Company Director

Mr Ralph Godwin Retired
Mr Ruari Hardy Chief Inspector Guernsey Police
Jurat Peter Girard Royal Court of Guernsey
Mr Dominic Clarke Principal Officer, Guernsey Prison
Mr Stuart Crisp Senior Practitioner, Probation Service
Mr Geoff Colclough Retired Barrister
Ms Audrey Bisson Retired

David Newman Director
Patrick Panton Administrator/Counsellor
Jane Voluntary Counsellor
John Knight Criminal Justice Alcohol Worker